Coming Soon

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Testing is wrapping up on v1.1, so it should be submitted to the App Store quite soon! It only seems fair to give you a taste of what it looks like.

I've been working on this as much as possible during weekends since launching v1.0, and I think it's a pretty substantial update over what's currently available.

Change log is as follows:

  • Batch Import - import as many images/URLs/etc you can fit on your clipboard
  • Ability to enter descriptions during import
  • Redesigned import UI - now fits the rest of the app and looks pretty nice
  • Removes GIF load delay
  • Fixes thumbnail blurriness (they're now dynamic and really fast)
  • More responsible disk space usage
  • Fixes the app's loading images to not conflict with the status bar (whoops!)
  • Enhances speed and stability of backup/restore
  • Prevents a circumstance that caused backup creation to hang indefinitely
  • Fixes the ugly shadow border/separation that occured on certain images in the image viewer
  • Various small fixes and improvements