Thanks to everyone for supporting Pictorian during its initial launch! I'm thrilled that everyone seems to enjoy it, but I wanted to take a moment to clear any confusion about what its general direction will be during the coming weeks and months.

v1.0.1 - Bug Fixes

There are a few minor bugs that were reported and need to be fixed. There won't be any significant changes in this version and it will be submitted to Apple in the coming days.

v1.1 - More Import Options

This is the number one complaint people have had with Pictorian: They can't simply batch import items from Apple's Photos app. This has been known for a few weeks now but that feature requires a little bit of redesign so it got pushed back.

As of this writing, the plan is to initially have a button when the app is opened for the first time that allows you to import from your photo library. After that, if multiple images are detected on the clipboard there will be a really nice way to facilitate importing them.

v1.2 - iPad Support

This is another feature that had to be pushed back in the interest of time, but don't worry, the iPad isn't being ignored.

v1.3 - Sync

This was always part of the plan, but didn't make sense to add without other devices to sync to. Of the updates listed here, this one is most likely to take the longest to iron out.

In the more distant future, Mac support is also planned so that your Pictorian library will be available on all your devices.

I don't want to add a specific timeframe to any of these because things happen and deadlines are often forced to slip. Lets take each a step at a time. If you have questions, feel free to Tweet me: @clstr0ud


- Chris